JIANGLE上海匠乐建筑装饰设计有限公司,成立于2016年,立足上海致力于上海办公室装修设计上海家居装修设计上海住宅装修设计服务及相关服务,坚持将空间美学贯穿于完善的功能布局之间,创造一种人文主义的装饰文化。 我们专业、敬业!深受客户的喜爱。我们乐于和每一位客户沟通接触,无论价值多大或多小的项目!您会感受到我们的热情和活力,富有幽默感的交流。 数年来未曾改变!我们年轻、富有活力、工作热情,是一支致力于做原创设计工作的团队。
 JIANGLE Shanghai jiangle Building Decoration Co., Ltd., established in 2016, is committed to office, office building decoration and related services, insisting on the aesthetics of space through the perfect functional layout, creating a cultural culture of humanism. We are professional and dedicated! Deeply loved by customers. We are happy to communicate with every customer, no matter how big or small the value! You will feel our enthusiasm and vitality, with a sense of humor. It hasn't changed in years! We are young, energetic and passionate, and we are a team dedicated to original design work.